So in FL, with the new laws being passed regarding medical cannabis, the training for a physician goes from an 8 hr training to a 2 hr training. If it’s the same course, you get less credit for your time and it leaves you equally unprepared for actually knowing how to use medical cannabis to help your patients. Some physicians say that recommending medical cannabis is like dosing St. Johns wort for depression and while I can absolutely appreciate that analogy there is much that is understood about how these cannabinoids have been dosed in states that have been using medical cannabis for years that makes it much less nebulous. I disagree that we can’t advise patients on how to use the products, once educated on the information that does exist. While there is a tremendous amount of information lacking regarding medical cannabis, we can proceed in a safe manner to help patients successfully.

I’m a scientist and a physician and I get that our standard of care based on evidence based medicine should take precedence when we treat our patients but when that fails we have a duty to our patients to apply the plethora of knowledge we DO have regarding the benefits of medical cannabis to help ease suffering in our patients!

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