Uniquely qualified physician offers one of a kind medical cannabis symposium to help educate physicians so they can help more patients

As more states continue to introduce or expand medical cannabis laws there is a need more than ever for high quality education for physicians, patients and the medical cannabis industry to be able to practically apply medical cannabis treatments for patients and Dr. Sasha is leading the charge like no other. 

MediCannaposium® is an upcoming innovative conference for physicians that presents not only the basics on the endocannabinoid system, but that also breaks down, step by step for physicians, the practicals that they need to incorporate medical cannabis as a treatment option for patients from the ‘business to the bedside’. Physicians learn guiding principles on how to set up their practices and it’s workflow in addition to how to initiate and manage medical cannabis treatment for their patients by disease types, dosing and route of administration. There are many sources on the internet for information but sifting through the sources can be challenging and overwhelming for physicians. MediCannaposium provides the ability to personally interact with other leading physicians in the field and delve into the everyday questions for physicians regarding their patients and their practice. This is invaluable and no other avenue for guidance exists that is being lead by a physician of such unique expertise. 

Dr. Sasha Noe is a dual doctorate, board-certified award-winning Physician and Researcher, two time Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Consultant, and expert in Preventative Medicine, Chronic Disease Management, Cannabinoid research and Medical Cannabis. She received her masters and PhD from the University of South Florida’s College of Medicine almost 2 decades ago where she earned several awards regionally and nationally for her work in cannabinoid research, most notably, for her work on cannabinoids and HIV.  Dr. Sasha is the only known physician in the US who holds a PhD specifically in the area of molecular and cellular cannabinoid research. Dr. Sasha is undoubtedly one of the nations leading expert in the field of medical cannabis and her award-winning published research has been referenced nationally and worldwide in numerous scholarly articles and books. 

“This is not just another run of the mill cannabis symposium. It’s a must for any Physician looking to advance their knowledge in the area of medical cannabis and apply that knowledge to patient care in the most safe and practical way” says Dr. Sasha. She went on to state “My goal and life’s work is to educate and assist patients, physicians and the industry regarding medical cannabis while developing safe, maximally effective, therapeutic applications of cannabis AND minimizing the use of opioids and other more harmful pharmaceuticals to improve overall health and wellness.” This is evident by her extensive outreach in her community through her medical practices, educational seminars, social media outlets and her national and international speaking engagements. Physicians can Go to Medicannaposium.com and Sign up today! Use code MCDOC to save $75 off of your registration for this event! You can also follow Dr. Sasha across all social media outlets @DrSashaNoe or go to DrSashaNoe.com to learn more. 

As the only known physician in the US with a PhD in the field of molecular cannabinoid research, Dr. Sasha’s award-winning published research has contributed towards the advancement of the therapeutic potential for cannabis over the last two decades.

Known for serving her patients holistically, Dr. Sasha is a sought after physician, speaker, and consultant in the Medical Cannabis industry. Her CLEAR expertise (Clinical, Leadership, Entrepreneurial, Advocacy and Research) educates, advocates, and consults on the medicinal benefits and uses of cannabis.

Passion for healing the mind, body and spirit, Dr. Sasha’s expertise is matched only by her passion for serving. Hiring Dr. Sasha to speak at your convention, symposium or event means you will be EQUIPPED to thrive and EMPOWERED to serve in your practice and in your community.

Dr. Sasha’s speaker topics include:

Florida International University, Miami FL

Caribbean Neurosciences Symposium – University of the West Indies, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Florida Osteopathic Medical Society, Tampa, FL

Florida Discipleship Conference, Orlando, FL

Unboxed Conference 2018

Puerto Legal Marijuana – Advanced Course for Healthcare Professionals

    Dr. Noe seeks to provide top-notch services and therefore the topics above can be tailored to your organization’s needs upon request.

    Sasha Noe, DO, PhD is a dual doctorate, board-certified family physician and America’s leading Medical Cannabis Physician in preventative health, chronic disease management, cannabinoid research, and medical cannabis.

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