About Dr. Sasha Noe

Dr. Sasha Noe

Sasha Noe, DO, PhD is a dual doctorate, board-certified award winning physician, researcher, best-selling author, entrepreneur, speaker and medical cannabis expert. Additionally, Dr. Noe is:

  • The only known physician in the US with a PhD in the field of molecular cannabinoid research

  • An award-winning published researcher over the last two decades contributing towards the advancement of the therapeutic potential for cannabis

  • Referenced worldwide in over 30 scholarly articles and books


Holistic patient care is one of Dr. Sasha’s™ driving core values. For more than two decades she has kept patients at the forefront of her mission by a total body wellness approach to treatment. That coupled with consistent client education practices allows her patients to achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle. Here is what a few of them have to say.

We have a caring doctor with Dr. Noe. We can always get an appointment to see her when we need. Dr. Noe always has our best interests at heart and is honest even when we may not want to hear it. We love her dedication.


I have not been disappointed with Dr. Noe. I am impressed with her genuine interest in my medical concerns and the time she gives to communicate my needs. Her wonderful staff feels like family. I highly recommend her practice.


Dr. Noe as my primary care physician has been a life changing experience. She listens to my concerns and consistently treats me with dignity and respect. Dr. Noe is an excellent diagnostician managing every aspect of my health and wellness.