Curious about CBD?

A day does not go by without someone asking me about CBD. It’s a super hot topic and given the potential benefits folks are reaching for it where ever they can find it.
This brings us to the CBD industry which has grown into a multi-million, (and projected to be a multi-billion) dollar industry, just like the billion dollar supplement industry. And frankly the answers to CBD product questions are not that simple. It is important that if you are considering purchasing an ‘over the counter’ version of hemp CBD that you understand whether it is a legal source of CBD (not a simple answer), whether it meets appropriate safety and content standards (also not a simple answer) and whether the actual product you are being sold contains what you think you are purchasing (safe CBD and less than 0.3% THC – the definition of hemp derived CBD).
Most individuals do not understand how to select CBD products and are spending lots of money on products that may or may not not be high quality AND safe CBD, that may or may not contain THC, that may or may not be safe and that may or may not help. How do you know it’s safe? Have you examined their growing methods, safety testing and extraction protocols? How do you know it contains consistent levels of CBD? Have you examined their certificates of analyses for each component and its contents? How do you know if it meets the federal Farm Bill requirements? This is also complicated and here is a link that might be helpful to you to understand more about the legalities of hemp vs medical cannabis CBD.
How do you know that it can be sold across state lines? This is also a complicated issue and the above article is a nice summary and stepping stone to understanding this concept.
It’s confusing and it’s not simple and I recommend that you do your homework before you purchase a product and before you go around giving medical advice about the effects or benefits of CBD.
As someone with 24 years in this field and as a researcher and physician I can tell you that there is a lengthy discussion that I have with my patients regarding the risk vs benefits that needs to be considered for each individual. Each patient is different and their complex medical conditions can present differently. If you’re not a physician you don’t understand the extensive depth and numerous intricacies of medicine and medical physiology. So I sincerely request that you refrain from giving medical advice if you are not a physician. If you are someone selling CBD products, beware of recommending your products for specific medical conditions to the public when there are numerous factors that can influence a patients response to a medical treatment in the midst of all of their medical conditions and complicated medication regimens. CBD has many benefits. There is no doubt about it, however, it’s not 100% safe for everyone and it’s not a one size fits all treatment. Just like OTC Aspirin, Tylenol and Motion are helpful to many but are not safe for everyone.
As an expert in this field I help patients all the time using medical cannabis and I am constantly educating physicians so that they can be more equipped for these discussions with their patients. CBD definitely can be helpful to many patients and that discussion is best had with your physician.
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About the Author:
Dr. Sasha Noe is America’s Leading Medical Cannabis Expert. She is a dual-doctorate, board-certified, award-winning physician and researcher, international speaker, best-selling author, and expert in chronic disease management, preventative health and medical cannabis. As the only known physician in the US with a PhD specifically in the field of molecular cannabinoid research for almost 2 decades she is undoubtedly the nations leading expert in the field of medical cannabis and her award-winning published research has contributed towards the advancement of the therapeutic potential for cannabis over the last two decades, being referenced nationally and worldwide in numerous scholarly articles and books. It is her life’s goal to educate and consult with patients, physicians and the industry about medical cannabis while developing safe, maximally effective, therapeutic applications of cannabis AND minimizing the use opioids and other more harmful pharmaceuticals to improve overall health and wellness.