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Meet Dr. Sasha®

Sasha Noe, DO, PhD is a dual doctorate, board-certified family physician, and a Medical Cannabis Physician. She is an expert in preventative health, chronic disease management, cannabinoid research, and medical cannabis.

As the only known physician in the US with a PhD in molecular cannabinoid research, Dr. Sasha’s™ award-winning published research has contributed towards the advancement of the therapeutic potential for cannabis over the last two decades. Her research has been referenced worldwide in numerous scholarly articles and books.

Dr. Sasha™ is known for holistic patient care and is a sought after physician, speaker, and best-selling author in the Medical Cannabis industry. Her CLEAR expertise (Clinical, Leadership, Entrepreneurial, Advocacy and Research) educates, advocates, and consults on the medicinal benefits and uses of cannabis.

More Than Just A Physician

Dr. Sasha® is an active professional in the Medical Cannabis industry. An award-winning researcher, best-selling author, and innovator has passionately served her community for two decades, Dr. Sasha® continues to contribute to the advancement of the medicinal benefits and uses of cannabis in chronic disease management.

As the only known physician in the US who holds a PhD in this area for almost two decades, it is my life’s goal to educate and consult with patients, physicians and the industry about medical cannabis while developing safe, maximally effective, therapeutic applications of cannabis AND minimizing the use opioids and other more harmful pharmaceuticals



“Passionate About Serving”

Dr. Sasha® expertise is matched only by her passion for serving. Her engaging talks leave you equipped to thrive and empowered to serve in your practice.



“Best-Selling Author”

Dr. Sasha® contributed her insight and expertise as a co-author in the best-selling book “The Making of a Medical Mogul”.




Owner of three private practices, Dr. Sasha® implemented innovative practice models to address the changing needs of those in her community for affordable, accessible, high quality healthcare.

Ways to work with Dr. Sasha®

How can Dr. Sasha® help you launch or improve your medical practice or help take your medical cannabis service to the next level? Explore how Dr. Sasha’s proven award-winning expertise as an entrepreneur and educator are allowing medical professionals to gain the results they desire through her business management and consultation services.


Holistic patient care is one of Dr. Sasha’s® driving core values. For more than two decades she has kept patients at the forefront of her mission by a total body wellness approach to treatment. That coupled with consistent client education practices allows her patients to achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle. Here is what a few of them have to say.

We have a caring doctor with Dr. Noe. We can always get an appointment to see her when we need. Dr. Noe always has our best interests at heart and is honest even when we may not want to hear it. We love her dedication.


I have not been disappointed with Dr. Noe. I am impressed with her genuine interest in my medical concerns and the time she gives to communicate my needs. Her wonderful staff feels like family. I highly recommend her practice.


Dr. Noe as my primary care physician has been a life changing experience. She listens to my concerns and consistently treats me with dignity and respect. Dr. Noe is an excellent diagnostician managing every aspect of my health and wellness.


Dr. Sasha Noe possesses an extraordinarily in-depth knowledge of the application of medical cannabis to the treatment of chronic injuries and diseases.  In my case I contacted Dr. Noe for help treating the on-going symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease, a progressive neurodegenerative condition for which there is no known cure. bI can highly recommend Dr. Noe and her staff for anyone looking for a medical practitioner that is experienced with the use of medical cannabis.  


Dr. Noe has made me feel like a person again, thank you for all of your help Dr. Noe!


DR. NOE HAS GIVEN ME LIFE, FUTURE, HAPPINESS,  I can now drive, go see family, friends. Get out of the bed, off the couch. Off all the pain meds, I AM SO HAPPY , SO EXCITED, I am only 62 and not ready to give up living, and because of Dr. Sasha Noe, and Medical Cannabis I now don’t have to.As I sit here writing this I am crying with tears of joy.THANK YOU DR. NOE. THANK YOU FOR SAVING MY LIFE..FOR GIVING ME LIFE



I hope many physicians take advantage of your training.  I know if I were a recommending physician, I would.  I believe it would be an honor to experience your training.

Dr. W

I attended your Medical Cannabis lecture in Clearwater at the Osteopathic winter seminar. You are truly an authority in the field.

Dr. M

Dr. Noe’s training is excellent, very informative, scientific, goal detailed, my personal recommendation!

Dr. B

I have a better understanding of what to do to prepare for opening my own Medical Cannabis Practice in Maryland!

Dr. D

I finally have the confidence to take the FL test and start evaluating patients in my practice!

Dr. V

It has given me more confidence to move forward with starting a medical cannabis practice and making recommendations for my patients!

Dr. F

Dr. Noe’s training has helped me with dosing, navigating the patient registry and making my own treatment plans. Thanks Dr. Sasha!

Dr. M

I will recommend you to all of my colleagues who are Interested in learning more about starting their own Medical Cannabis Practices!

Dr. B

This has changed our aspect towards our Medical Cannabis Practice and now we will create more patient goal oriented strategies.

Dr. R

This has changed our aspect towards our Medical Cannabis Practice and now we will create more patient goal oriented strategies.

Dr. R

I will now be able to implement a plan to recommend medical marijuana.

Dr. L

I received a lot of resources for treatment and use.

Dr. F

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